Perth Summer Wedding Season….hints & tips

Jan 3, 2014

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It has been so busy recently with summer weddings and a big challenge is creating arrangements that can last in our heat. We have a lot of expertise and experience in that area so you can be confident that their beauty and freshness will last all day.

This is an often overlooked area when some weddings can be over 12 hours from flower delivery until the last guests leave. This is all the more challenging with outdoor weddings when flowers get exposed to the elements, direct sunlight and wind.  Make sure you discuss this with your florist – in fact if they do not go into detail with you regarding this, I would politely walk away and find another floral provider.  See our Perth Wedding Flowers website for more details.

We are also delighted to announce that through 2013 we are continuing to be the floral provider to the WACA, PCEC as well as many large hotels, function venues and corporations. We never forget quality and service though so no matter how large or small your requirements we can meet your needs.

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